The Difference Is In Our Cremation Services

There are many options in cremation today, from the type of memorial service to the disposition of the cremated remains. People choose cremation for a variety of reasons, including environmental concerns, religion and simplicity. Whatever the reason, it is a personal choice we respect just as with any personalized service our funeral home provides. Cremation does not limit your funeral service options. In considering cremation, remember it is only part of the total funeral care offered.

The percentage of cremations to deaths in the United States and Canada has increased steadily during the last two decades.

Some families hold traditional funeral services with visitation before the cremation takes place, while others gather for memorial tributes after cremation. In fact, most families have some kind of service which helps the bereaved cope with their loss. We have found that a service, celebrating the life lived, is important in the grief process.

Cremation is just one aspect of the total funeral service and care Day & Carter provides. Our entire staff is prepared to offer guidance in funeral planning when the time is right for you whether planning in advance or at the time of need.

If you would like more information on cremation, we have literature and resources that illustrate some of the items mentioned. Please feel free to call or stop by to learn more. We believe in educating our families and community to options that are available, so as always, there is never any obligation or cost.